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Treasury of Christian Knowledge


  • The Ten Commandments of God
  • The Six Commandments of the Church
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Confiteor (I confess)
  • Actus contritionis (Act of Contrition)
  • Actus fidei (Act of Faith)
  • Actus spei (Act of Hope)
  • Actus caritatis (Act of Charity)
  • The Seven Penitential Psalms

    Creeds of the Church

  • Symbolum Apostolorum (Apostles' Creed)
  • Symbolum Nicaenum (Nicene Creed)
  • Quicumque vult (Athanasian Creed)

    Holy Scriptures

  • Holy Bible, Authorized (King James) Version of 1611
  • The Psalms, Tools for Studying

    Devotions, Prayers, and Hymns

  • Angelus
  • Rosarium (The Rosary)
  • Propers through the Year
  • Salve regina (Hail, Holy Queen)
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Hymns

    History of the Church

  • The Twelve Apostles

    Precepts for a Devout Life

  • Seven Spiritual Acts of Mercy
  • Seven Acts of Corporal Mercy
  • Seven Godly Virtues
  • Seven Sacraments
  • Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit